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As a young boy, Greg Overton was captivated by the imagery of Russell and Remington.
Emulating their work at the age of eight, he began his journey of creating his own style of Western art.
After more than a decade working in a commercial art career, he returned to his first love, Western art.
He has been painting as a professional artist since 2004, refining his talent and gaining notoriety with each year.
With a deep fascination and respect for historical Native American figures, Overton does extensive research for every one of his paintings.
Attending powwows, and ceremonies to fine-tune his knowledge, he has developed lasting relationships, learning tribal history and traditions.
Basing his imagery on historical figures such as Sitting Bull, Red Cloud, and Geronimo, Overton reimagines his subjects as if they were not influenced by history as we know it today. Each portrait radiates strength, resolve, pride, respect.
“Nothing compares to the freedom that was once experienced in the West, but people still crave it. I want to share that spirit … share it with others so they can feel freedom and strength.” 
Overton’s work has been featured in Cowboys & Indians, Art Talk, and Southwest Art, and can be found in private collections across the country.
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